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Emilee Tagseth

Meet Emilee! Emilee Tagseth is a dedicated hairstylist with a passion for making people feel their most confident and beautiful selves. She has extensive customer service training, and loves to make you feel like a true VIP. She has a special love for creating that "lived-in blonde" look and crafting dimensional brunettes. Emilee's fun-loving nature and ability to make clients feel at home in her chair create a welcoming and enjoyable salon experience.

Get to know me

Your top three songs on your playlist: 


1. Literally anything Taylor Swift

2. Wanna know you- Hannah Montana 

3. Year 3000- Jonas Brothers 

Your favourite color to do for hair: 

I love a lived in blonde moment but also a can never go wrong with a dimensional brunette. 

Your favourite childhood memory: 

Driving down to Minnesota every 2 years to visit my cousins. It has been a family tradition before I was even born :) 


Your favourite activity to do outside of work and why: 

I love going for long walks, I put my walking hat on, put my headphones in and hit the road. It let’s me decompress from the day and gives me the opportunity to be alone with my Taylor Swift songs in peace and to think about life. 

Your favourite thing about being a hairstylist: 

I love making people feel their most confident beautiful self and being able to be part of that is one my most favourite things in the world. 

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be? 

It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do in life, everyone is on their own journey and it’s ok if you have to take a few detours. It will take you to a place you would never have thought of being!! 

What Emilee's Clients Say

Image of our modern and spacious salon with a sleek color bar, stylish stations, and comfortable seating for clients. The natural light enhances the beauty of the space, making it warm and inviting.
Emilee Tagseth: Stylist at BLNDE in Saskatoon. Expert in lived-in blondes & rich brunettes. Specializes in blowouts & updos.
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