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Kathryn Schulz - Guest Services Coordinator at Revamp Salon Company.

Kathryn Schulz

Introducing the fabulous Kathryn - our team manager and guest services coordinator extraordinaire! Her positive energy is contagious and her consultations are nothing short of amazing. Kathryn is a master of grey blending techniques, bringing a touch of magic to every appointment. And with her musical background, she adds a playful and delightful dimension to the experience, you just might find her unknowingly humming a tune during your appointment. Kathryn is a true asset to our team, and we're thrilled to have her on board.

Get to know me

Your top three songs on your playlist: 

My kind of living - Hardy and HIXTAPE 

Signed sealed delivered - Stevie Wonder

Happy Hour - Morgan Wallen


Your favourite color to do for hair: 

Dimension and low maintenance grey! I enjoy being able to create a gorgeous colour for my clients by using their already gorgeous greys and whites!  I would love to meet whoever convinced us our natural dimension needs to be hidden and give them a piece of my mind!


Your favourite childhood memory: 

There’s too many to single one out.  I had a most beautiful childhood and am so grateful for it!


Your favourite activity to do outside of work and why: 

Lately I’ve really been enjoying going for evening walks with our family!  Slow pitch in the summer is also a fav of mine. And of course hosting evening BBQs and get togethers!


Your favourite thing about being a hairstylist: 

Watching people fall in love with their hair, and themselves again!!!!


If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be? 

Because I’m nearing my ancient years, there’s a few things I’ve reflected on that I so badly wish I could go back and tell my younger self…


    1.    Change for nobody.

    2.    Your voice matters, so don’t be silent.. EVER.

    3.    You’re going to make people uncomfortable by just being you, that’s a them problem!

And finally

    4.    This too shall pass!

What Kathryns Clients Say

Image of our modern and spacious salon with a sleek color bar, stylish stations, and comfortable seating for clients. The natural light enhances the beauty of the space, making it warm and inviting.
Kathryn Schulz - Client Review: Loving my new hair!

Love the atmosphere and the fabulous workers. Kathryn has done my hair a few times now and I'm absolutely love it when she's done working her magic.

Very professional,.we discuss what would look best and fit my lifestyle and then she goes over costs before to make sure it fits in my budget at well.

She's not just another pretty face. 😉

Highly recommend this salon

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